Visiting rules:

Visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is only possible if you reach the age of 18! Persons who have not reached this age cannot be admitted to the Exclusion Zone in accordance with the laws of Ukraine!
Compulsory condition is a passport which was indicated when filling out the application for the tour. Mandatory passport control is carried out at the entrance to the exclusion zone and persons who do not have a passport with them will not be allowed into the exclusion zone.
It is compulsary to be dressed in closed clothing that covers all parts of the body as much as possible (long sleeve, long tight pants, comfortable shoes preferably with thick soles), headdress is welcome. Forbidden: shorts, skirts, dresses, slippers, sandals, high-heeled shoes. This rule was created for your safety, so that radionuclides could not get into open areas of the body.
Tourists in alcohol / drug intoxication and a state of alcohol / drug hangover syndrome are not allowed to travel in the Zone. During the trip, it is forbidden to use alcohol and drugs, it is also forbidden to carry them with you.
It is forbidden to bring any weapons, explosives and other dangerous objects into the Exclusion Zone. At the entrance to the Exclusion Zone, security conduct a search of personal belongings.
In the Exclusion Zone, it is forbidden to gather and use water from open sources. Only bottled water is allowed because of radiation pollution of water in the Exclusion Zone.
It is forbidden to eat food outdoors. The ban because of the fact that during the use of food in the open air a radioactive particle can enter the human body.
It is forbidden to smoke outside specially at designated places. The ban is due to the fact that during smoking in the open air a radioactive particle can enter the human body.
In the Exclusion Zone it is forbidden to put personal things on the ground and on the surface of buildings. The ban is associated with the possibility of contact with personal items of radionuclides.
It is forbidden to take anything from the Exclusion Zone, this violation could bring criminal liability! This is due to the fact that all objects in the Exclusion Zone are potentially radioactive!
It is forbidden to touch, pick up, any objects, plants, surfaces of buildings. It is forbidden to sit down and lie on any surface. This is due to the fact that they can be very radioactive.
Visit the Exclusion Zone is possible only with a guide. Illegal access to the Exclusion Zone is prohibited and will entail administrative and criminal liability!
It is forbidden to deviate from safe routes, deliberately lag behind the group and ignore the guidance of the guide. Our official routes are safely considered and tourists can visit the Exclusion Zone. In addition to the danger of radiation contamination, tourists who deviate from the routes may receive various injuries, because of many buildings in emergency condition as well as wildlife hazards.
To eat and export fruits, berries, mushrooms collected in the exclusion zone is prohibited. This rule is due to the fact that plant fruits and mushrooms growing in the Exclusion Zone can accumulate radionuclides.
It is forbidden to approach and touch wild animals in the Exclusion Zone,  it is also forbidden to visit the Zone with your pets. Animal hair may contain hazardous radionuclides
It is forbidden photo and video of some security objects of the Exclusion Zone, as well as the checkpoint and security posts. This is due to the fact that the Exclusion Zone is a security facility where many strategic enterprises are located.
An official investigation is being conducted into the violation of the procedure for citizens of Ukraine, foreign delegations and foreigners to visit the exclusion zone and the zone of unconditional (mandatory) resettlement!