Private tour to the Chernobyl

A private tour is the best possibility for exploring the Exclusion Zone from all possible tours! No random people, only you and your friends or relatives. We make an individual route for you according to your wishes. You by yourself choose how many days you want to spend in the Exclusion Zone, which locations you want to see, where you want to spend more time. Only in an individual tour will have a possibility to get inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, study the Exclusion Zone in as much detail as possible, get more information and completely plunge into history. All the guide’s attention will be directed on you, you can ask any questions and find out a lot of secrets and information that is not available in the usual group tour.

You will visit all the main locations in the Exclusion Zone accompanied by a professional guide: the Chernobyl city,the Pripyatcity, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the object Chernobyl-2 , the overseas station Duga and many other locations. The preference of an individual tour is that the route is individually worked out according to your wishes.

In an individual tour, it is possible to organize an excursion for you inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, take a walk through its corridors, see all the historical places, get into the largest arched structure in the world, and see by your own eyes the control panel of a nuclear power plant.

During the tour you can take pictures and shoot videos everywhere except for secret objects, it is also possible to coordinate the use of the drone / copter and take a bird's-eye view.

Get ready, the tour program will be very exciting and eventful!

You choose the quantity  of days by yourself based on your preferences and desire to maximally inspect all locations in the Exclusion Zone: from one to five days.

Important: a visit to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant must be agreed in advance!

You need to remember: to visit the Exclusion Zone you need a passport ,visiting the Exclulion Zone allowed from the age of 18!

Languages of the excursion

English Ukrainian Russian German* French* Spanish*

*German, French, Spanish by prior arrangement

The price includes

transfer from Kiev to the Chernobyl exclusion zone on comfortable vehicles, travel insurance, photo / video permission, professional guide services, a full package of documents for visiting the exclusion zone, meals, hotel accommodation, a dosimeter.

Place and time of the meeting

Spasskaya str, 9a, 4th floor, office 400 (look at the map) в 7:30 (+2GMT).
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