Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to visit the Exclusion Zone?

Our team, together with the administration of the exclusion zone and environmentalists, have developed absolutely safe routes, moving along which nothing will threat your health. At the same time, you must listen to the guide, observe the rules of visiting and radiation safety standards.

How big is the radiation in the Exclusion Zone?

The radiation in the Exclusion Zone varies from normal to elevated degrees, in some places it is less than in Kiev, and in some places it slightly exceeds the norm, we do not visit dangerous excess areas, for us safety is the main point! During the tour you will receive a dose of radiation in about one hour of flight in an airplane, much less than the dose of exposure to fluorography or computed tomography!

From what age is allowed to visit the Exclusion Zone?

According to the law of Ukraine, only persons over the age of 18 can visit the Exclusion Zone!

How to dress for tor to the Exclusion Zone?

To visit the Exclusion Zone, you must be dressed in closed clothing that covers all areas of the body as much as possible (long sleeve, long tight pants, comfortable shoes, preferably with thick soles), the headdress is welcome. Forbidden: shorts, skirts, dresses, slippers, sandals, high-heeled shoes. This rule was created for your safety, so that radionuclides could not get into open areas of the body.

Do you need special protective equipment, overalls?

Special protective equipment and overalls are not needed, but if you have doubts and you would like to protect clothes and shoes from radioactive dust, add the option “Chemical protection suit” or “Protective shoe covers” to your tour order.

Do I need a dosimeter or other similar equipment?

A dosimeter is not needed to visit the Exclusion Zone, but if you want to control the situation yourself, check the real radiation background - you can rent our dosimeter for the tour using the "Dosimeter" option when ordering a tour.

In what language is the tour conducted?

Tours are conducted in English, Ukrainian and Russian. For foreigners, the main language of the tour is English (for request, you can change the language of the tour to German, Spanish, French). For CIS countries, the language of the tour is Russian or English. For citizens of Ukraine, the language of the excursion is Ukrainian, or Russian (on request). For foreigners from different countries the tour is in the language of most tourists, the main points are duplicated in the language of a minority of tourists.

Does pictures / videos allow in the Exclusion Zone?

Yes, photo and video in the Exclusion Zone is allowed. It is forbidden only to photo the checkpoint and secret objects. Photo and video equipment must be kept with you and can not be placed on the ground and on various surfaces.

Can I take a drone / quadrocopter?

In order to use the drone in the Exclusion Zone, you must obtain permission to use it from the Administration. Use the option “drone clearance” when ordering a tour.

What are the rules for visiting the Exclusion Zone?

Before you go on a tour, we advise you to carefully read the section of our site "Visiting Rules".

Can I book a tour for tomorrow / other day?

Yes, you can. We are the official company which is allowed to organize tours to the Exclusion Zone, so we can organize a trip on any day which suitable for you.

Can I go to the exclusion zone by my car?

Yes, it is possible, but only in the format of an individual excursion. Moreover, when visiting the Exclusion Zone on your car, we will provide you with a 10% discount on our services. For registration you need to contact us before filling an application on the site.

Can I enter the Exclusion Zone on my own?

No, the Exclusion Zone is a security facility, visiting it is allowed only in the presence of official attendants and the presence of a visiting program. Illegal infiltration punished according the low

Are there special places to eat in the Exclusion Zone?

There are no cafes and restaurants in the Exclusion Zone. To the trip you can take your own food, but you can only eat indoors or on the bus. You can also use the “Lunch” option when ordering a tour and we will arrange for you a tasty, safe and hearty lunch in one of the service canteens (all products are safe there, they are brought from Kiev and they must undergo radiation monitoring).

What documents do you need to have when visiting the Exclusion Zone?

You must have a passport with you, which you indicated in the application for the tour. All other permits for you will issue by the team of Real Chernobyl.

Where and when do you need to be on the day of the tour?

The meeting place and departure of the groups is in Kiev, subway Kontraktova Square, Spasskaya Street, 9a (1 minute from the subway). Time is 7:30 a.m. You will come back to the same place, approximately at 20:00 (there may be delays due to traffic jams).

Why choose Real Chernobyl?

We are professionals in our field, we have vast experience in organizing tours to the Exclusion Zone, our tours are absolutely safe and legal, we guarantee quality service!
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