About us


We are a team of professionals who are in love with the Exclusion Zone, in this unique, inimitable and unparalleled place on planet Earth.

Working for a long time in the Exclusion Zone, we have gained invaluable experience and today we want to share it with you! Together with our guides you will visit another world, plunge into its history and learn all its secrets.

Choose us because:

  1. We are professionals in our field, we have a huge experience in conducting excursions to the Exclusion Zone!
  2. Our tours are 100% legal, Real Chornobyl Company has all the necessary documents for visiting the Exclusion Zone.
  3. We have developed safe routes in conjunction with government services and environmentalists, where the radiation background does not exceed acceptable values. Following the rules - this is a completely safe tour for health!
  4. Our professional guides are fluent speaking in many languages.
  5. With us you will learn the ropes of radiation safety.
  6. Our team can organize a tour for you any day, even tomorrow!


Actual news about the Chernobyl exclusion zone, expert opinions and events that are related to our activities.
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Partnership programs, collaborations, advertising services and cooperation with us.
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Rules of visitation and behavior in the Chernobyl exclusion zone for tourists and official delegations.
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The Real Chernobyl team guarantees our customers quality services!
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Public offer agreement

The main document for the settlement of legal issues between tourists and the company.
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Our team

20 March 2020
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